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Volunteer Opportunities

It's easy to volunteer with your local chapter and get engaged with great people! Volunteering for organizations in the Buffalo area results in benefits like:

1. Boosting your resume and LinkedIn profile while job hunting.

2. Demonstrating leadership skills for professional development and add it to your yearly review.

3. Networking with the great people of Buffalo.

4. It feels good doing good for others and it builds a sense of community.

5. Mentoring others as they would mentor you.


Graphic Artist Lead - Marketing materials for the Fall PDD are needed to be printed asap!

Event Registration Manager - This volunteer coordinates registration for the event in partnership with the VP of Marketing.

Document Manager - Manages critical documents of the Buffalo Chapter of the IIBA

Coffee Hour Manager - Coordinates monthly breakfast study sessions for the BABOK.

Graphic Artist II Lead - The Buffalo Chapter website needs a facelift!

If these positions don't fit your talent, the IIBA is always looking for help. Please contact Jim Coombs for more information. We look forward to working with you.



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