There are many good reasons to earn a professional certification.

Personal recognition: Gain acknowledgement for your skills, knowledge and expertise within the business analysis profession.

Increased income: In these difficult economic times, organizations are willing to pay to get the right people in the right positions. A professional certification may help increase your income, as many CBAP® recipients have experienced. They are identified as the senior members of the BA profession, and organizations have begun to compensate them as such—see the salary survey for more information.

Professional development opportunities: The work required to seek professional certification such as getting the right opportunities for work experience, studying for the exam, etc. are beneficial to BA professionals, and represent a significant opportunity to recognize senior BAs for what they have accomplished.

Effective business analysis execution: When it comes to business analysis, organizations face many challenges: finding the right people, getting them on the right projects/tasks, and ensuring that they do the work as effectively as possible. Professional certification helps organizations in identifying, hiring and retaining qualified BAs, and ensuring their staff is using industry standard business analysis techniques.

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